Communication: A Gift of Awareness

We act and react to the world around us through our conscious mind activity. Moment by moment, we spontaneously react within the spectrum of human emotions that shape our personal reality. The result leads to behavior that spans the dual nature of emotion from love to hatred.

This reaction is a result of functioning from what has been called our “center of the universe” vision as our conscious mind creates this universe and is a function of externally learned behavior.

What we fail to realize is that by accepting conscious mind activity (externally learned information) as reality, we are misinformed within our created universe. This is at odds with the level of our 180-degree vision that comes from superconscious mind activity, as I discuss within my book, Leadership: Where Business Ethics Begin.

Our ability to (internally) communicate is a gift of awareness where information is developed directly between conscious and superconscious ideas and information.

To nurture that ability should be at the height of our endeavors in this physical world and should be contemplated on a daily basis.