A Kinder, Gentler Social Media

I’ve been watching those of you who post since the social media form of expression became popular, I guess over the last couple of decades. It’s been interesting and as diverse as I could possibly imagine!

Historically, being an insistent fact finder, I have just observed the social media, especially as I consider myself a computer newcomer. I had people working for me to handle the new age technology. Recently, I’ve started to write on my book blog as a very difficult professional commitment came to an end twelve months ago.

So briefly for those of you that are connected within social media — family, friends, and acquaintances — let me share with you for a change. Hopefully to your benefit!

For almost 45 years since I was 25 (wow, what I have learned!) I have been teaching, counseling and assisting adults, within the college environment initially and later in business — commercial banking and finance in particular.

During that time, I’ve seen a couple of private sector industries all but destroyed through no fault of their own. (amazing to observe the time it takes to impact millions of people). Also, our nation’s sovereignty was attacked within our borders on September 11, 2001 – much like Pearl Harbor (a day that will live in infamy), an occurrence that was said would never happen again.

So, what did I do in these public companies that I instructed other adults to do? I directed everyone to a greater good — starting with the board of directors through the executive management people. Both simple and very difficult.

How I did it is what I attempting to define within my sharing with you on my blog and in my book Leadership: Where Business Ethics Begin — and the more than 20 books and publications I devoured over the years as part of the book’s bibliography.

Why am I doing this? Because we all need a little caring here in life from friends! And I count myself as one of them directly or indirectly with you all. Imagine this as just another limitless social media’s approach that adds to life and learning.

I would also like to help throttle down the ongoing negative narrative by pointing out a greater good through perspective, or evolving perspective based on both types of learning.