In the World, But Not of It

Moving outside the business environment to social or political environments to explain cause and effect chains lasting for decades and millennia — how does one reach a behavior point that convinces one that they believe they are “in the world but not of it”? It is all but impossible unless one begins to manifest an outlook of this physical world that is described in the book as “one hundred eighty-degree vision.”

This vision is not only how we look at business issues, but also at society and the constantly evolving behavior and beliefs that unfold over time. For example the feeling of pride — especially extreme ethnic, race or religious pride (within the environment in which we are born or raised) — can be considered the seeds or root cause that sow powerful emotions and beliefs that can develop into dislike for a particular person or ethnicity and end up as racism, hatred, and condemnation of an ethnicity or creed.

The emotions that lead one to being in and of the world can be seen within the more current political environment, such as that experienced during the last 20 years an extreme dislike or hatred for a political perspective or person. It can be a feeling so extreme that actual physical and emotional harm is wished for the members of the “other side” when negative feelings of the heart are allowed to manifest.

If you experience these negative feelings most frequently, then you are both in the world and of the world and lack sustained one hundred eighty-degree vision.