LEADERSHIP: Where Business Ethics Begin

How does a person begin to increase the quality of life and effectiveness in their work or business environment? The answer is to begin to understand the root causes (or why) of your business, industry or environment from a new perspective or standard. An example of this can be found within the management hierarchy in chapter six; once the reader discerns from the hierarchy the areas that should be addressed within a company, he or she will see that each job or position in a company and business is a management position, requiring a stronger leadership perspective. From an ethical perspective, the book explains many root causes of what leads to creating an ethical environment, a critical responsibility of an organization’s leadership. This book has been written as a “how to” to help the person who wants to increase the quality of his or her life and effectiveness in his or her business environment, whether it is the business of creating something within the private sector or in the business of government. For that person working in and as part of the business community, it is the perfect gift!